Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rain Day Last Week = River Time

So I got a rain out last week, first of of the season since the fishing and the water conditions have made a swing for the better.  To hell with work around the house; I've come to appreciate the early spring fishing over the last few years and goddamnit I was going to take advantage despite temps in the low 40's and heavy drizzle.  There are spots on a river where a man or woman has experienced a phenomenon, a phenomenon that others scoff at or disbelieve.  These exceptional experiences often occur in a portion of the river that others overlook.  I find that people often fish the spring in Maine much like they do during the rest of the year, good for us who know better, bad for them.  On this particular afternoon I I enjoyed one of those spots while others flogged to no avail in the usual positions.  A late text to Sawyer and Frost produced a 5:30 pm arrival by Dan who got into a few himself.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

4th fish down is a stud. well done sir. you are a fine fisherman!

Clark Winchell said...