Saturday, March 24, 2012

Skunk no more

Let's start by saying I just saw Jesse Lance Robbins' name printed under a fine piece in the new Drake magazine. We have ourselves another published author in the mix..... nice work son !

Up at 4:30am driving to southern Maine to pick up a new rod and reel, shopping by 8 back on the home water by noonish. The new 11'9" 4wt spey casts like a dream, I did not want to leave.

I have fished this spot 15 consecutive times without so much as a grab. Not that bad right, but think of 15 consecutive one hour long drives home ...... November came and went, December brought iced up guides and a broked rod.... Jan and Feb were touchless.... March... skunk no more. Not a huge fish but it took my clouser smelt, ugly enough as it could only be a Newburgh bait fish.

This is not a huge fish, but a hard won fish.

The skunk is off boys and it feels good.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

nice work jasper, glad to see you stuck one with the two hander. nice lookin set up there too. who makes the stick?

Jasper Walsh said...

It's an Echo Dec Hogan.... I'll have you know I am running .24 RIO running line and the 320gr Rio Scandi Short Versi Tips in your honor.

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

damn dude! i wanna cast that thing

Andrew Wilkie said...

That'll do buddy

Keith said...

Nice fish Jasper. Nice fly too! Love it.

Clark Winchell said...

awesome work there my friend, a real beauty.

BillyGas said...

Dandie one there, Stainless.

On a different note, where are pictures of the alluminum skiff project?