Monday, February 6, 2012

The last 30 days of fishing in Maine

Mr Wilkie put me on my first pike

I learned to fish for beaver

I fished many rods and multiple flies to no avail

I drove 5.5 hours to fish the Canadian border in -15 degree weather to catch small , freshly stocked salmon

I found a scrap of cloth with chinese characters on it and tied it to my coat, hoping for asian luck...none arrived

Steaming breakfast sandwiches were consumed


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

great pics jasper. where's the guns and money?

Morrell said...

hells yea man, real men fish in -15 weather

did you try an appletini streamer for beaver? I've heard they produce

Keith said...

I heard you've been fishing for beaver since you were 12!

Andrew Wilkie said...

This is a fine cross section of Maine winter fishing. I know you've been after it hard, now get down here on the ice and put a Pike on your wall.