Monday, February 20, 2012

I'll fish anywhere there's a garden hose tied to a tree ......

I have been fishing a new spot lately and I know a trip report without fish photos is a waste of time but hear me out. My area of Maine once held epic runs of a certain fish. Native americans and white chumps alike would travel hundreds of miles to catch them. But with the popularity of electricity came dams and with that ended a run from the sea to this river. Now fishing for them is not illegal but one must be careful as to not draw attention to yourself. I have been fishing for these animals we will call "Land Locked" Whitefish. I have read reports of the fish that the state "moved" in to the river and are now designated as "land locked." I have a friend who held these 40 inch fish in his hands and he placed them above a certain dam and scraped and weighed them. I would like to catch one.

So I did my research, google earth and even asking old guys quietly in a dark corner of the bar ( Wilkie style) and lastly hiking in to a spot and swinging.

I went last week and hooked not a one, I saw some tails and then stumbled upon this.

Fresh eagle dung and "whitefish" eggs.......

So I set up shop

I swung, I dead drifted, I did it all, I even found the ultimate angler's sign.
A garden hose tied to a tree, directly below the sushi smelling fowl's deposit

I hoped the other angler's were directing me toward my first wild "land locked" whitefish.... not today but I will be back.


Clark Winchell said...

Alas this time of year will give the fly angler an overdose of frustration and plenty of time for personal contemplation. Thanks for the read sir. I look forward to our time on the ice soon.

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

electricity is popular?

keep the fly in the water my friend