Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday Steele

I went fishing this weekend with some solid dudes.It was my 30th birthday and I could not have found a better bunch to spend it with.

A quick drive to Western NY to meet up.

Step 1 : Drive South West

Step 2 : Prepare Mustaches

Step 3 : Arrive at river... take the Trail of Tears... Hook Up

Step 4 : Attempt to wrangle said fish

Step 5 : Smile

There was some friendly competition between Team Mass and Team Maine.
Team Mass won by a solid margin and I tip my hat to them.
I am missing the group photo and hope someone could add it to this post.

(Shhh ....steele)


Keith said...

shhhh. Steele....

Hey of a post Jasper and a happy birthday to you! Can't wait to fish with all of you again.

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

awesome photos men! well steeled.

Clark Winchell said...


You are a gentleman, a scholar and now, you are a steeleheader...shhhh...steele...

BillyGas said...

Stainless, thanks for stepping up on the post. Hell of a time fishing with you and the entire group. Great times all around. Happy Birthday again. shhhh steele.

Keith, Clark, and crew--give em hell this weekend.

S. Neil Larsen said...

Keith, that mustache makes you look way too much like your dad.