Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent Updates to Solid Hookups


Some exciting updates to the blog today, and some more to come. Here is what we are working on:

+ The connection with Twitter is now improved, so posts and comments are automatically posted to the @solidhookups twitter account. If you use twitter and want to follow, then go to to follow the blog.

+ The old Facebook Group has been saved and moved to the "New Group" setting, or whatever bullshit hoop Facebook made me dance through today. Basically, we saved the old pictures and now the group is active again. Hopefully this will be a good way to stay in touch with BFC alums since we're almost all on Facebook. If you aren't a member of the group, go here:

+ New posts on the blog should automatically publish to the Facebook group, but we'll have to see if that works (this post will be the test).

+ Nissen is working to set up a new commenting system that will retain all of the old comments, but allow for super-simple commenting in the future. I think people will be able to comment using their Facebook accounts, too, if they want to.

+ We have activated Google AdSense, which puts some simple ads on the SolidHookups site. Hopefully these aren't too goddamn annoying, but we can turn them off if they are. Most importantly, hopefully they will start to slowly generate a little bit of money for the club that we can use for future trips, gear, etc.

+ I deleted that swimming fish thing because it was annoying me. I'm not sure what asshole installed it (I did) years ago, but it is gone now.

+ We are working to make the official web address of the blog. Not the biggest deal, but it'll look cooler to drop the part of the address. It shouldn't affect any existing links or whatnot.

+ Soon we will send out a little Q&A survey to folks to get feedback on the site, and what we want to see on it in the future. And some ideas for new gear, etc.

I hope everyone is well. I am as of today living in the greater Boston area hell yes), so I hope to see more of you soon.


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