Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Green Drakes in Town

Today i fished a brand new stretch of water, and it is about a half mile from my door. Kinda sad that it took me this long to fish this water. There is about a mile and a half of public water and most of the year it is way to low to fish, but with our big run-off this year it is at perfect levels and the fishing was great. Green Drakes were popping off everywhere and there were some fish rising. So I rigged up and started my venture into the new waters. I hooked into a few smaller fish in the 6-10 inch range, and was pretty happy because I didn't know what to really expect in this water. Then I lost a fish that felt pretty big and got pretty excited. On the next bend there was a big slick slow water section and I just casted close to the far bank and what ended up eating my fly was a big, wild 18.5 inch brown. It ripped across the current and fought hard and I ended up bringing it to net with a mix of surprise that this big fish was in this little stream and just pure happiness. As I walked back to my house from the stream I knew I would be back there soon, I wonder if there are even bigger trout in there?


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

our drakes have come and gone but the bite was nuts. fish on fisha!

Morrell said...

hands down my favorite hatch. Get em while it's good