Saturday, April 16, 2011

A short hike, a new friend and no fish

North Newburgh, Maine is not a mecca for trout. There is no tailwater or honey hole, there are no falls, rips, or riffles....there is a mountain, a small one 1,800', that borders our property. From that hill water runs and collects in a low area a short hike from my bathroom. So , for the first time in my life, I went to see if there were any fish in my backyard stream.

I took a short walk with a new friend, an old guy. A 6' 2weight , 1958 Montague bamboo jobber. This was our frist time together and I think he will fit right in. I can see why those old guys love bamboo so much, smooth as whatever it is you like smooth.

Some spots looked like they might be fishy, the marsh drains in to a local stream that holds brook trout and I wished that they would work their way here..... they have not yet

Water was very low but I had a nice time hiking around......

I will try a few more times this year but was happy to be able to fish on my own property and felt stupid for not doing it before today.

Live Life


Andrew Wilkie said...

Hell yeah Jasper. I ventured out in New Sharon behind our old house a few times through the beaver bogs and brooks and came up short myself. I then was telling my story to the old lady at the town office and she told me about this cascading brook with multiple 20 ft. waterfalls that had brookies in it when she was a kid. I laughed to myself way in hell does such a brook exist, and how the hell would the trout get in there. Two deer seasons later I found that goddamn stream with the waterfalls; the next spring I fished it; dozens of wild brookies up to 8" fell to my nymphs. Unspoiled, unnoticed, it was awesome. Good on ya.

Jasper Walsh said...

Thanks Wilks, that is what I was dreaming of but a bog is a bog, I will keep my eye on it this year and who knows maybe they were hiding ?

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

great pics jasper. if that drains into fishy water, it might be worth a couple more looks as the season progresses. sweet lil friend there

Keith said...

Good report Jasper. I haven't wet a line in a while. Must feel good just to get out and prospect a bit.