Saturday, April 2, 2011

And So It Begins

Well yesterday was the opener, had the day off from work, but mother nature had bigger plans for our area. 16 inches of snow fell and 40mph winds blew, not the kind of day that entices a man to the water. I felt guilty all day that I was unable or unwilling to get out and wet a line. Had high hopes today to get the snow cleaned up and connect with Robbins & Billy in southern Maine on the Crooked. Again, hampered by the snow removal process around the house, I was unable to stick to my projected plan. A late afternoon huff finally drove me to the water and I was balls deep in 34 degree water by 3:30p.m

Standing high atop a jagged submerged rock I hooked into my first fish of the season. A brookie or possibly a brown was played to within yards of my position, at which point I ate shit, fell into 4 feet of water, and proceeded to dash all hopes of an early season net job...major bummer.

All was not lost however as a few minutes later I was tight again and this time Poseidon let me play the specimen to net.

Its not often that a man is offered up any sort of action at this point in the season, God knows it's been quite a few years since I've stung much of anything around the opener, but I must say it is a significant confidence boost and a welcomed reminder of the months ahead.

2011 open water skunk is off....


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

well played sir. still stinks down here.

Jasper Walsh said...

The Skunk was on in the small streams in Central and Coastal Maine... nice report Wilkie

Morrell said...

Skunk not only off but a damn fine looking fish at that. First shot is so siiiiiick. How did you get that effect on the pictures? Adobe?

Keith said...

ooh, a fish beast. Poseidon giveth.