Friday, March 18, 2011

"Food" for Thought

Here is some interesting commentary from the New York Times.

The idea of eating the flesh from a genetically modified/chemically constructed fish is somewhat disturbing, at least to me. But, what about those Sour Patch Kids I love so much? Not so much natural goodness in there I imagine. A pretty good sized portion of the things I consume is probably far from natural.

It's an interesting discussion and debate, that of genetically modified foods alone, but combine the topic with that of struggling fisheries and it goes a little deeper. Even deeper, if you let it go further, is a discussion of man and nature, as this writer eludes to. I can't help but think of a conversation from a film I've seen once or twice:

"Look, nothing is fucked here, man."
"Nothing is fucked?! The goddamn plane has crashed into the mountain!"


Morrell said...
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Morrell said...

...there is “virtually no possibility of escape and interaction with the wild population”

I'm virtually reassured.

interesting article