Friday, February 11, 2011

Swimmable/Fishable/Surfable Waters in NYC

This is mildly to very boring compared to model rocket flag systems, but pretty cool nonetheless. Working down here in NYC, I have been frothing for some time on the water, and while I do get a chance to surf the swiss cheese/miso soup amalgamation that makes up the water at Rockaway Beach, the smell that envelops me afterwards, as well as the stinging eyes and ear aches have made it a less that desirable experience.

Through my work I have become acquainted with the folks of S.W.I.M., a group dedicated to making the water's surrounding NYC swimmable and fishable by implementing sustainable storm water practices. This is a lofty goal, considering these water's include two Superfund sites (one which contains syphilis). Anyway, you can sign a petition to clean up this stank here. This all leads me to the big question: Puddlefest NYC, 2025, the return of No Shirts Allowed?

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Jesse Lance Robbins said...

hear ye, hear ye! a schoen-ripened wetsuit combined with that amalgamation sounds quite potent.

i have looked into the waters of gowanus before and they do not look fishy. at least the wheels are turning?