Friday, December 17, 2010

When Mousamus blesses us with a day like this, you go fishing.

water was high, but so were spirits on this blue sky, 33 degree day.

swung a scupzilla around for a bit before finally overcoming sloth and rigging up a tan anatomay behind a tungsten twenty incher underneath an indicator and promptly stung one.

and then about ten more. below, poss sea-run fish??


Andrew Wilkie said...

That fish is without question sea run. What a day to be on the water...pretty much said how awesome it would have been to be participating in anything but work at least a half dozen times today as the sun bathed me in it's rays throughout the work day. Well done

Morrell said...

yeaaaaa that's one bad brownie. what's an anatomay? never heard of that pattern

Jesse Lance Robbins said...


Keith said...

Nice work. That last fish is either fresh stocked or salty. Should have tried the steelinator. :)

Morrell said...

oooooh that's tantalizing, its like a hare's ear, flashback, and yuk bug rolled into one