Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prince Edward Island Report

Yesterday and today I have fished the Flat River, Belle River, and the Valleyfield River. Water temp never ceases to surprise me up here, currently running in the low to mid 50's on all of the rivers I have fished. Yesterday I hooked and fought two of the largest sea run brookies that I have ever had the pleasure of tying into, both however I lost to stumps on the bottom of the river just prior to landing them. The larger was in the vacinity of 16" and the other was around 14". For the Island, the are relative beasts, and I must add that they fight much better than your run of the mill Brook Trout. My father and I rose early today and headed to the northeast part of the island to fish the Valleyfield River. It did not dissapoint as we landed nearly 80 fish in just under three hours. We were excited to tie into a few Rainbows on this water which was a completely unexpected surprise. All of the rivers are less than 10 yards wide and quite shallow. Forgive the quick report and poor grammar as I am at the tourist information center some ten miles from our cottage. More reports to come. Hope you all are slaying!


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

fish fry?

Andrew Wilkie said...

No fish fry this year, we save those for the pond fishing. These rivers are so small that catch and release seems to me to be necessary. Epic fishing despite the small fish