Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ahh the feeling of cool wet fly line....

March 20th, dark unsafe ice on area ponds has sent me into a cathartic state of stressful anticipation of the coming open water season. With open water season still a week and a half away, and a lack of ice fishing ops, one must get creative when seeking a fishing opportunity.

With mid 60 degree temperature readings, and with Clark visiting his alma mater for the weekend, I hastily proposed an outing to the man. The Kennebec River in Madison is open year round to anglers seeking fly options, and at noon, with a hangover ridden compadre, I headed for the water.

Its that time of year when you could give a shit about connecting with a fish. The time of year when any fly offering seems as good as the next, and when high muddy waters are the only option. Nymphs you've scoffed at in the past, and large ugly streamers only a mother could love find their way into the water.

With little hope of any action we fished hard, connected once, and landed zero. Nothing feels better after a long winter than cool wet fly line retrieved across one's fingers on a 65 degree March day. Bring on the open water season


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

this is exactly what i wanted to read today.

Keith said...

A day on the water in March is damn hard to trump

Clark Winchell said...

well said my friend