Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Western Front

2 Items of business: The first is a compilation of a few trips to the Powder River, Tongue River, Clear Creek, and some of Rock Creek Angler's private water from the last couple weeks. Terrestrial action has been so solid all summer long.

The second is a copy of the powerpoint presentation delivered to the incoming crop of 80 or so potential BFCers last fall. I came across it today while cleaning out some files and thought you all would thoroughly enjoy it. My favorite memory is that of Hardy gettin down in Jackman with a real sledneck woman...apparently right in front of her husband (slide 5).

My employment here in Eastern Wyoming ( will be coming to an end for this summer very shortly and Ill be in Jackson this winter. The next month or two will be very slow workwise as it is a transitional period in the tourism industry in Wyoming so if anyone is interested in getting out here, whacking some monster trout, and having some sweet adventures, get at me.


Andrew Wilkie said...

Dude, stoked to see you're tearing into some Cuttys out there. Nice change of pace with this post, keep them coming bro; glad you're doing well!

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

morrell, great to see you with some fish in yer hands. hot flies?

if yer still in jackson next summer maybe i'll catch ya there

Morrell said...

Hope things are well back East. Might be visiting in a month or so, ill let ya know if it happens. Jess- not sure if ill be in Jackson next summer but I'll probably be kinda nearby if not in town. This summer saw almost non-stop action with hoppers - chewbacca hoppers, carnage hoppers, fat alberts, dave's, paras, triple deckers, almost anything with a thorax and a few big ass legs. After rain in murkier stuff, hopper droppers worked real well, fished a lot of small copper johns. Also saw a bunch of tricos, pmd's and bwo's early most mornings and good caddis hatches in the evenings and on alot of cloudy days. Might hit Flat Creek today if the crowds are down. Here's hoping

Keith said...

beautiful trout