Monday, September 21, 2009

Green River Lakes

A few hours outside of Pinedale, Wyoming lies the source of the 700 mile Green River in the Wind River Mountains. Even if the fishing is slow, which it was yesterday afternoon, the scenery can take your mind elsewhere In the morning, I spotted this 19" beauty holding near the top in a good sized pocket behind a submerged boulder. He whacked a big ass elk hair caddis, turned, motored downstream through a rapid, and was into a bit of backing before too long. Missed a few others with black zonkers that felt a bit bigger. God I wish summer was longer out here.
Met up with a friend in the afternoon who had fished the day before and camped overnight. This was quite a relief as the place just looked like prime bear territroy and i knew Nate would likely be carrying a hand cannon and/or a fire extinguisher sized can of mace (he had both). As we headed out, he let me in on a little incident that took place about a week ago about 6 miles downstream... It was in the back of my mind before but now I will definitely be making room for some protection in the ol' fly vest.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

nice fish bro, and great pics. watch your back out there

Andrew Wilkie said...

Love these western posts. Really nice Bow dude; stoked you've had such a fun summer out there....wish I had an extra week to swing out this fall. Keep the posts coming!