Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UPS Delivers

was sittin around the apartment when i heard a knock on the door. was very happy to see mr. ups delivery man holding a long narrow box, return address scott fly rods. my faithful 9 weight fresh from the factory, new cork and everything and, most importantly, not broken.

"a fly rod!" mr. ups man said. "where you been fishin?"

just like that i found myself in one of those conversations only anglers can have. where i've been lately, where he's been lately. 45 second trip reports, notable catches, and the like. next thing i know we've got the gazeteer out and are putting more circles on the pages. well that got the fire going. 10 minutes later i'm en route to said locales.

couldn't sting any myself but did find some sweet waterfalls on a nice little brook i did not know existed. get 'em next time.

thanks mr. ups man.

u.s. rt. 1 is 300 yards upstream of the above. sweet.

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Andrew Wilkie said...

sweet water brother......webhanet?