Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Notes from conversation with Dad in Wyoming:

- Back-breaking hike into and out of canyon
- Fresh grizzly bear shit in middle of path
- Two other anglers spotted at beginning of day, none after that
- 60 fish in two days
- Parachute Adams killed
- Back to Cody for beers


Andrew Wilkie said...

ha...I bet he was really pissed he wasted all that money to get out there and only nail 60 fish in two days....what a waste of time! Looking forward to hearing the nitty gritty on this trip

Keith said...

When your old man shows you pictures, tell him "Dad that fish looks a lot like the rainbow I got last time I went up to Pulaski, only about 6 times smaller...."


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

you think my dad fishes with a camera??

John Phelan said...

I live very close to Cody right now, but I have to go down to Casper for work. How long will he be out here?

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

he takes off tomorrow morning john. i should've thought of that. looking forward to your pics