Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When you've had two weeks of drizzle, rain and downpours, all the locals are going to be flooded, right? Oh yea, they'll be muddy as all hell too, right?


There's little chance that a trout would hold in water looking like that, right? Not even behind that stump, where there's a little slack water, right? Right. But what about on river left, in that tiny little eddy? There isn't a holdover over there saying to himself, "This sucks, I'm hungry," right? Right.

But what about on the other side of the bridge? There's that big eddy there. No fish holding on in that eddy waiting for anything to float into their 1.5" visibility range, right? Or what about at the tail of the eddy where you can get a nice swing right in front of that tree? Not even a little bass holding there, right? No fish holding next to the undercut bank, right? Right.

No catching today, right? Right. No bumps, right? Right. Can't even see your own fly, right? Right. Definitely not worth staying at home though, right?



pete said...

it would seem a good idea to check the fly line to backing knot that beans has tied on your friends outfit, right? right...

i think that that fish swimming around with a fly line attached to its face would say so as well, right?


Andrew Wilkie said...

Jess, I'm not sure many people appreciate the real Maine humor involved in this post, but I found myself laughing outloud through most of it.

I'm reading for this f-ing rain to be done with. 3 weeks now without two days in a row of sun, and even the sunny breaks have only been for a few hours....promptly followed by a downpour.

Keith said...

Still beats a day in the office