Monday, May 11, 2009

A Day On The Water

The weekend had come and a day on the water was called for. Up from Boston came Pat and we rose early on Saturday morning in search of unexplored territories, casting room, solace and freedom. And fish, were they agreeable. A breakfast sandwich blessing from Corsetti's and soon we were on the banks of the Pleasant River.

A few fish, small brown trout, came to the net as we walked the banks of the Pleasant. This time I had brought out the 6' 3 wt and it was a great sized rod for the small river. The gazeteer sent us downstream to another section of the river and soon enough it was feeding time again. A few cold ones in the sun washed down lunch quite easily.

After lunch our luck finding appropriate spots to explore went a bit downhill. Four or five spots in a row, we would arrive to find one or more worm dunkers or water simply not preferrable to fly fishing. While discouraging at the time, at least we now know.

The afternoon was rounding the bend toward evening and we were almost ready to call it. We decided to try one more river in Falmouth that neither of us had fished before. As soon as we got our first good glimpse of the small river, we were both relieved and excited to see the water very fishy.

We started upstream and soon started seeing flashes of fish after our offerings. The stream was absolutely stunning - 30 feet across in the absolute widest part, but mostly 15ish feet, deep holes that I couldn't see the bottom of. The holes and runs were small but it was easy to spot out where fish might hold and they usually did.
I stung a few fish, all brookies all the while battling with the heavy cover from trees and bushes. The 9' rod was definitely overkill.

The sun was dropping slowly as we made our way back to the car. Pat kicked the skunk in the ass right before we called it quits and all was good.
A most enjoyable day on some stretches of new water that I'll surely be fishing again.


Keith said...

Pat looks really pumped about catching that fish.... Check out the excitement on his face!

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

...and his healthy serving of Grizzly.