Friday, May 8, 2009

Allen's Coffee Brandy sold more bottles than there are drinkers in Maine?

+ According to today's AP report, Allen's Coffee Brandy sold almost 1.1 Million bottles in the state of Maine in 2008, making it the top-selling liquor in Maine once again

+ The AP article doesn't give exact number sold, but we can assume that the absolute lowest # of bottles was 1,040,000 ("up nearly 40,000 bottles from 2007, when Allen's became the first brand of alcohol to sell more than 1 million bottles in Maine in a single year")

+ According to there were an estimated 1,316,456 residents in the state of Maine as of July 2008

+ According to the 2000 Census 72.5% of the State of Maine population is of drinking age (21 and above)

+ If those numbers are correct, that works out to 954,430.6 legal drinkers in the state of Maine (the .6 goes to Colby)

+ Meaning Allen's sold about 1.09 bottles per each person of legal drinking age in the state of Maine

+ If this 2008 study is accurate, 76% of adults 21+ drink.

+ Which means 725,367.25 drinkers in Maine (the .25 goes to Bowdoin), and 1.43 bottles of Allen's per drinker

+ Orloff Vodka came in a distant second at 276,000 bottles


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

i had .5 bottles this weekend

Andrew Wilkie said...

I enjoyed the other 1/4 gallon

All about the grab said...

Shit, after all of that I need a drink.