Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear She!

Whats up sucker bitches! You can now main line money to me at a rate of $10.00 per click!

To clarify, by clicking the paynow button on the right of the screen (under the club logo) you will register for the most revered, respected, and recognized (recognize!) fishing tournament.

For those of you whose lungs are not filling up due to swine flu, please click said link. I will be updating Wilkie with a list of paid entrants every 3 hours from now until game day. Please register, or fear the wrath of the best Tony Parker look alike in Northern Maine.

Schoen Boy- out.

Tournament Info:

BFC 1st Annual Fishing Tournament

Saturday May 16th 2009

Check-in: 7:30 a.m Shove-off: 8 a.m Weigh-in: 4:30 p.m

Entry Fee: $10/person

- Launch on the Androscoggin River, on the downstream side of Center Bridge Rd, due East from Turner Center:,+maine&ie=UTF8&ll=44.255774,-70.178475&spn=0.013955,0.037766&t=h&z=15

- Canoes Only, appropriate motors allowed, 2 anglers/canoe.

- Catch and Release, picture, length, and girth measurement required (keeping a quality legal fish is allowed, but completely up to the angler).

- Each canoe will log all fish caught for historical documentation used at future derbies

- Pro-Am event (to hopefully include one alumni & one current BFCer per boat). Will be modified accordingly if the numbers do not work out.