Thursday, March 26, 2009

Attention: BFC Gear Order

(Courtesy of BFC member Lily Hanstein '09)

(Robbins sporting some early generation "steez")

Hello Cave Hamsters:

Now that the ice fishing trip is behind us and we never have to speak of it again, it's time for the annual BFC clothing line order. Our dear friends at Coastal T-Shirts have just emailed me the quote for all of the gear we are ordering. A few of your officers have selected some items that we think will look particularly "hot" this year. If you have other suggestions about clothing we should order, or have ideas about different color or logo schemes, well you can keep your goddamn mouth shut because we aren't doing custom orders and this is what we've got:

Black hooded sweatshirt with logo on front - you've seen these aroundI'm sure, they are as classy as they are fratty: $28.61

Black Sweatpants with logo on left leg: again, you've probably seenthese as well, i'm usually wearing mine about five days out of theweek: $22.83

Baseball Shirt, three-quarter length black sleeves, white body withleft chest logo and logo on back - these are new to the order, and wethink our softball team could look pretty sharp this year with theseto make up for the massive loss of talent lost last season: $16.80

BFC hat, trucker style PURPLE mesh and brim - you're probably pissingyourself in surprise, but, yes, we're going with a purple hat. thefront panel will still be white with the BFC logo: $8.50

White Bandanna with repeating BFC logo printed on it - this is alsosome new steez but i think the world would be cuter if everyone wore a kerchief: $7.87

Okay so there is the pricing. The way this is going to work is thusly: if you want to order something, you can order as much as you want ofanything. When you decide to place your order you must give me (Lily) the number of items you want, THE MONEY, and the sizes (if it's the clothing. and you can size up a current gear-sporting member to figureout what size would be best for you). I will not accept IOUs because frankly, I have no money so that won't do you any good. You can either put everything in my mailbox (388), or give it to me in person, but please, please, please write it down on something because i'll probably be phasing too hard to see your face. Also, please don't give me orders when I'm drunk. this is unfair. You can always stop by smallhouse to rooms 24 or 25 and give it to Ty as well. PLACE YOUR ORDER BY FRIDAY, APRIL 10th. This is the friday before finals. I want to make sure we get this shit ready by short term so we can all look super hot and genderless. any questions, email me or call me 207-491-0836 or ask me to gala. love, lily

Send checks w/ order to: Lily Hanstein Bates College Box 388 Lewiston, ME 04240

(BFC gear has been known to spark the bite in desperate times)


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

good looks not included

pete said...

good lookin and whitty...the whole package

hallas said...

Lily, so can you mail these sweet threads out of state if appropriate shipping costs are included?

Andrew Wilkie said...

Hallas I think the answer to that is yes. Just calculate a 5lb. shipping cost from the Lew to your place.