Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Ah! my beloved brother of the rod, do you know the taste of beer - of bitter beer - cooled in the flowing river? Take your bottle of beer, sink it deep, deep in the shady water, where the cooling springs and fishes are. Then, the day being very hot and bright, and the sun blazing on your devoted head, consider it a matter of duty to have to fish that long, wide stream. An hour or so of good hard hammering will bring you to the end of it, and then - let me ask you avec impressement - how about that beer? Is it cool? Is it refreshing? Does it gurgle, gurgle, and 'go down glug' as they say in Devonshire? Is it heavenly? Is it Paradise and all the Peris to boot? Ah! if you have never tasted beer under these or similar circumstances, you have, believe me, never tasted it at all." - Francis Francis, 1800s, as quoted in the current issue of The Drake

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Andrew Wilkie said...

Oh I have tasted it....this past weekend indeed. With enough forethought OO-Steele is always good for supplying the fishing crew