Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Post of 2009

Figured it was time to post a few fish pics to start our New Year off right. Fished Great Pond over the weekend and was treated well. 10"+ of ice, windy as hell, but the Pike were agreeable. Hope all you fools get up here soon.

(The Old Man vs. The Mighty Pike size comparison)

(Garth w/ a 38.5" 15lb. Northern)

The Final Tally 1/4/09

1 ~ 15lb. 38.5"

1 ~ 10 lb. 35"

2 ~ 8lb. 32" & 33"

1 ~ 7lb. 30"

1 ~ 6lb. 27"


pete said...

them are some nice looking fish there wilkie! goddamn pike. although that top one there wearing the red coat looks as though he may have taken a few too many pulls off the old bottle...

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

very solid. that biggun is big, but we will find bigger.

turns out the auger we got from the e-store has a seized pull chord. will investigate this week.