Friday, January 16, 2009

Can You Haiku??

Haiku writing contest: Write a haiku based on the photo below. Someone will pick a winner and someone else will buy the winner a beer and a velvet elvis.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

there, over yonder
through the mist, past the fishes
an island of booze

Keith said...

Deserted island
A siren flashes
Member rises

Andrew Wilkie said...

5-7-5 Keith

Andrew Wilkie said...

At the harbor's mouth
Poseidon's trident rises
Chatham bite is on

Patrick Lyons said...

A beer in his hand
Hark, something breaches to port
Temptress of the sea

hallas said...

Which Hurley is it?
well I can't tell exactly
they are very tall

dave said...

gosh, what does he see
he loves booze and the island
that guy is this guy