Monday, December 29, 2008

winter tying sessions

for the winter tiers, this is what i have been up to lately. i recently treated myself to some nice new capes. yum. thank god there is still alot of room left on that board!

the flatwing style of tying has been my thing of late. why fish with ugle flies?

while this fly may not reflect it well, i have been really into sparsity lately. baits are whispy, not bulky. light passes through them and reflects in all sorts of ways. suggestions at the presence of life are better than the definition of hair and feathers. in my opinion anyway.

in the picture below the body is readily observable, but it is can be seen right through. the water fills out the space within while these few hairs make up the profile. all sorts of stuff can be done through these methods.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

awesome stuff pete. inspiring as per usual. you should start naming those guys.

for example, the last one looks like it should be called 'strawberry death cake'

David said...

good stuff, less is more.

pete said...

thanks guys. way much fun, this tying thing. there is a whole world to be explored in the vice, and i am not even sure if elaborate, detailed and beautifully flowing patters will account for more fish, but as an end in itself, fly tying is awesome.

so a while ago jesse and i were sitting around, and we decided that we should make a bates fishing blog. but who the hell would even read the thing? we would probably post a few times and it would be set aside and forgotten like a toy who's lost its novelty, we thought.

now we got david posting comments! thanks for being the man, jesse.

pete said...

i also need some jungle cock.

Keith said...

Nice flies Pete!