Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ryan Heffernan Photography

Bassmaster Heff is as magical with a camera as he is with a fly rod. Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Ecuador.

Currently residing in Santa Fe, fishing the Rio Grande, the San Juan and others, Heff is no stranger to the freedom of the water. I once fished with Heff for a morning in an absolute downpour, shared the backcourt with him in a victorious intramural basketball game that evening, then watched him spit game of fire on coo-ing freshman biddies at the BFC headquarters of yester-year, 227.
Take a minute and check out his website. Truly amazing work. We anticipate his next return east.

All photos property of Ryan Heffernan.


Andrew Wilkie said...

Heff.....dope....absolutely dope

Anonymous said...

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