Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living Fisheries Blog

Brad Marden (Dartmouth '04) is a good buddy of mine from high school. After Dartmouth he went on to live in Alaska for quite some time working on Salmon boats, living in a Urt, and pounding nails when the money ran low. He continued on to the University of Washington where he began a masters in fisheries biology. Recently he obtained a grant to travel the world immesing himself in a myriad of fisheries. He recently had a short stint at home here in Maine after spending several weeks in Newfoundland scoping the local fishery. His travels over the next few months will take him to Chile, Argentina, on to southeast Asia and Mongolia. His blog is a requirement of his project and grant. Brad and I have hit the ice, waters, and woods of Maine on many occaisions, he is a great outdoorsman, I have no doubt you all will enjoy his blog. Give it a good read and listen to the youtube thing he has posted on some local comediens "Da Yammie".....ha!