Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Hangover Fix

Found in my archived BFC club emails, circa 2005:

From: Chet Clem <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 00:27:17 -0500
Subject: [fishing] Thurs. Meeting. 9pm. J.B. Basement

My Fellow Constituency*,

In case you haven't noticed, winter is here, and with it comes the innate desire to sit upon a frozen lake and wait for little orange flags to announce that it is time to pull an unsuspecting pike from the depths of Sabattus Pond. Or, maybe you just want an excuse to stand outside and throw bocce balls on ice. Whatever your wish may be, the Bates Fishing Club is here to grant it.** Plus, this year we have a trailer/shack, the color of which is listed by the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles as "beige with aztec accents".

Admittedly, the BFC has been a little slow to get started this year, and this is really quite sad and pathetic. This must change, so it's time to get the momentum started for 2005. As Jesse L. Robbins said in his earlier email we will be having a meeting this week, and then head out to Sabattus for the first ice fishing trip of the year this saturday. So, the details:


Thursday, January 27th: First Meeting of 2005
When: 9pm (pushed back so people can go watch the squash meet....or the O.C.)Where: Basement lounge in John Bertram Hall

-Weekend plans
-Goals for the rest of the year
-Overview of expenditures (this is just a fancy way of saying 'shit we already bought')
-Equipment purchase proposals (there will be a trip to L.L. Bean this week to get necessary equipment)
-Possible apparel/stickers/trinket order(s)
-Introduction of the Ice Shack (we are hopeful it will be completed enough to drive by thursday)
-Naming of the Ice Shack
-Assorted tomfoolery

As always, feel free to start your night off during the meeting. In all honesty, plan on getting your work done prior to this meeting.

Also, bring money if you haven't bought a shirt and/or hat yet and still want to.
$6 for hats
$12 for t-shirts
$15 for long-sleeve tshirts (only a few left)


Saturday, January 29th: Ice Fishing at Sabattus Pond
When: Departing Commons saturday morning. Time TBD, but the first group will probably leave around 9a.m. Look for emails later in the week
Where: Sabattus Pond, Sabattus, ME. Directions will be sent out later in the week, or follow the caravan from school.
The weather report calls for good weather and far more comfortable temperatures than last weekend. We will discuss this further during the meeting, but we're hoping for a good turn out this saturday.


As always, the meeting is open to everyone who wants to be involved in the club, so bring your friends. And where the hell are the first-years? let's get some representation from the class of 2008.
See everyone there.


"Catching fish is as incidental to fishing as making babies is to fucking" ~ William Humphrey

* Heffernan, Ryan (2004)
**Limited to one wish per person, and said wish must pertain to drinking on a frozen pond.


Andrew Wilkie said...

This is good stuff. I still have my college computer tucked away here at my place. I bet I could pull up some old outlook material from like 2000.....

pete said...

waaaaaaay back in the day. like at the beginning of this millenium back in the day. old farts.