Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Bluefin Tuna are still on Stellwagen Bank. Last week on Oct 14 & 15th we were able to catch several BFT ( all are about the same size - 100 to 125 pounds ) Unfortunately, I've ended production of my fishing show for the season, but we continue to fish until T Giving.
Best regards,
Mark O

Keith said...


Welcome to Solid Hookups. I hope you've found the blog enjoyable, there are a lot of good fishermen here. The club started at Bates College in Lewiston ME and most of the posters here are Bates Alumni. I'm happy to hear that there are still fish on the bank. I'm hoping to make one more trip east of chatham before the season ends, but these days weather windows are tough to hit.

Tight lines bro.

Anonymous said...

I went again to the SW and SE Corners of Stellwagen on Friday Oct 24th. Tuna everywhere, big ones, small ones, medium ones. We couldnt net our live pogies as usual so we did the sluggo thing and got skunked. My usual fishing partner was on a different boat and got 2 fish, both about 58". Very frustrating but it's not over.