Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Name: Andrew Alan Wilkie
aka: Wilkie
Born: Waterville, Maine 9/03/1980
Raised: Rome, Maine
Currently Resides: New Sharon, Maine
Bates Class: 2002
Major: Environmental Studies ~ Earth & Ecosystems Track
BFC Position: Co-President 2001/2002
Preferred Fish Species: Brook Trout, Salmon
Favorite Flies: Madame-X, Stimulator, Woody
Home Water: Northern/Western Maine Rivers & Lakes
Thoughts: A woman who prevents her man from fishing is best sent packing.
Quote: "There is a group of fishermen who claim not to care how big a trout is. 'Its the challenge,' they'll say, 'the flies, the casting, the manner, the method. Nothing wrong with a foot long trout. Oh, and the scenery, and the birds singing, etc.' I use that line myself and, like most of us, I sincerely believe it, act upon it regularly, and am happy, but tell me you know where the hawgs are and I'll follow you through hell." ~ John Geirach
The man known simply as Wilkie is an angler of many pursuits. Raised in the heart of the Belgrade Lakes in Western Maine, Wilkie's backyard offered him with a wide range of species to target and none were overlooked. Most comfortable standing in a river with a 5 weight in his hand, you'll also find Wilkie on the ice in the winter, offshore in the summer, at the bar when the sun goes down and then on the dance floor when the booze kicks in.

I once witnessed Wilkie pluck a brookie and two rainbows from one pool. He stepped aside and let me try my luck in the same pool. After I had determined no fish remained in the pool, Wilkie returned and caught another brookie and two more rainbows. I have also witnessed Wilkie polish off a bottle of Beam then pull a 300 pound block of ice out of Big Wood Pond. Always, always put Wilkie on sandwich duty, but never, never on any sort of "rolling" duty. - JLR


Morrell said...

That Geirach quote is gold. Truer words have never been spoken.

Morrell said...
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eben said...

mash that pussy! hope you are havin some good times on the ice this winter.