Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buster Wants to Fish

Remember senior year when we got that keg of PBR and watched A River Runs Through It? That was a sweet party, made even sweeter by the fact that the 5 people I had been hanging out with all day were the only other attendees. Anyway, when Jessie's brother Neal comes to town and wants to go fishing, 'ol Brad Pitt reminds him to grab his worm can and meet the Maclean brothers at the Blackfoot. Neal meets them alright, still drunk and with the meanest pussy in town in tow. 'Buster wants to fish,' she said when the Macleans find the pair.

Another blog worth checking out when you've got time is Buster Wants to Fish. The authors are spread out around the country and offer up not only some interesting fishing tales, but a bunch of other crap worth reading as well. Check that one out too.

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