Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still Got a Stinky Skunk Clinging to My Back

since the first of april, we have hit the water a good number of times. the only thing i have to show for my efforts is a nice case of pioson ivy and an ever increasing desire to feel that tug and set the hook. i need too hook up, solidly. and at this point preferably with a fish. trout fishing is a new creature to this angler, the vast majority of his angling experiences have been gathered on the salty shores of Cape Cod. and while the ocean is vast and daunting, it is what he knows and has fished and in which he has succeeded in his ventures. the delicasies of the trout stream are new, strange and frustrating. one cannot manipulate situations with a little muscle, as is possible in the ocean, rather patience and an accute sense of ones every action are neccesary to conquer the stream. and i wouldn't even say conquor, but rather come to exist with. one conquors the salt, and falls into a co-existence with the stream. on the other hand, i haven't even experienced such a thing, so it might all be a load of crap. but, from the point of view of the expentant and still virginal trout fisherman, that is how things appear. one of these days that cherry will be popped. and that horrible skunky stench will be blown off the water.

goddamn it i can't wait for the stripers to get up here. holy shit.

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